Thinking ahead and acting globally, we decided to meet the needs of the market related to international recruitment and service outsourcing.

Administrative and HR support in the form of our proprietary system is a guarantee of comprehensive and fully legal handling of staff issues.

What do we offer?

  • handling activities related to the calculation and payment of salaries
  • execution of payroll transfers
  • execution of payments to state institutions
  • issuing pay slips
  • preparation of settlement declarations to the Tax Office and Social Insurance Institution
  • handling applicable insurance documents
  • communication with the Social Insurance Institution through the Płatnik software
  • preparation of salary certificates
  • preparation of the necessary payroll reports
  • assumption of responsibility towards the Social Insurance Institution and Tax Office
  • preparation of annual PIT declarations
  • any other applicable and necessary activities related to payroll outsourcing

And, in addition:

  • payroll calculation which takes into account not only the law but also your internal company regulations
  • support for the above-mentioned tasks, which is carried out in compliance with the highest legal and ethical standards
  • unrestricted possibility of consulting payroll expertsc
  • secure and continuous online access to payroll data owned by your company make a request


An increasingly important element of our business is the search for high-class professionals outside Poland.

The benefits that come with it include:

  • finding the best solution – tailored to the profile of your company – in terms of organising the cost structure
  • giving you comfort and a sense of security both legally and organisationally, based on minimising the risks associated with employment
  • the greatest possible limitation of your direct responsibility as a result of our assumption of liabilities towards your employees and public authorities

The added value of the offer also includes:

  • better performance indicators, which are conditioned by a flexible and fluid approach to the number of employees; the related organisational policy is linked to a fluctuating, demand-driven need for labour
  • the maximum possible reduction of regular administrative costs; external coordination of HR issues is a guarantee of savings and minimal staffing in the administrative department
  • comprehensive handling of the fixed accounts, both payroll and non-payroll, by an external body
  • guarantee of trust; only the client and his/her designees have access to confidential information relating to the processing of the order


We offer coordination of collaboration with your employees in the field of civil law contracts. We assume responsibility in this regard while guaranteeing you a control package that allows you constant and unrestricted access to order-related information.


As part of logistics support, we offer organisation of employee transport. Our fleet of small and large vehicles can meet the needs of every business.

By outsourcing to us, you gain:

  • minimum level of financial burden associated with the daily rotation of employees
  • means of transport tailored to the individual needs of your company
  • guarantee of timely and safe arrival of personnel to the workplace

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