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Effort that reflects the strength of a person is a testimony to human will and skill, which will always be in demand! Physical work is an excellent choice both for those starting out in their professional careers as well as for those who feel the joy of physical effort while working. Among the physical work offers, there are job opportunities for men and women with different levels of specialisation and experience. Financially attractive physical work offers on construction sites, in manufacturing, as well as warehouse, gardening and cleaning jobs are waiting for you. If you think this is the career path you want to follow at the moment, then come in and see what we have for you!


In any job, good communication and proper organisation are fundamental. Working in office administration is an excellent option for orderly, conscientious and punctual people who can solve problems as they arise. If you find it exciting to catch new tasks from your boss on the fly, enjoy answering the messages that appear in your email inbox, and love the sound of the phone ringing, check out the office administration job offers. Plan and check, ensure the smooth flow of information within the company so that your involvement translates into its organisational success. Competent and committed office employees are the greatest treasure of a well-functioning company and can count on attractive remuneration. The position of office administration employee offers great opportunities for development. Working at the office, you will meet new people and continuously develop your interpersonal and organisational skills. If you feel competent in this area and can imagine yourself in this role, this is the place for you!


Working with other people requires specific competences and incredible responsibility. Excellent organisation skills and a high level of interpersonal competence of HR employees are essential to keep all personnel matters in order. If you have a good eye for finding talents, enjoy meeting new people and verifying their skills, your workplace is definitely the HR department. You can keep paperwork in order like no one else, enjoy preparing agreements, and can easily stay up to date with employment legislation – you are most likely made for a job in the HR department! You enjoy managing money and want to bring other people the good news of a promotion or raise – you are probably a born payroll employee. If you can imagine yourself in one of these roles, explore our offers!


Numbers and accompanying analyses constitute a world in which only a select few will find themselves! Perhaps you are one of them. Constantly changing financial and accounting regulations require those working in the profession to stay up-to-date and be accurate and diligent in maintaining accounts and documentation. Finance and accounting are jobs for people who can reliably and diligently perform tasks and are willing to continuously expand their knowledge. Accounting in small, medium and large companies can be a challenge! If you are a well-organised person, ready to develop and expand your competences, comfortable with tables, sheets and summaries and interested in a job in accounting or finance, check out the positions we have for you.


Few jobs develop you as much as those related to technology. Would you like to see it by yourself? Do you want to be part of a team that has a real impact on shaping the world around you? Technical language is your second language? Look for a job offer and start working in engineering and production.

Technology is important, but more important are those who understand and can use it. Such people are conscientious, analytically-minded and see the solution rather than the problem. Working in production can also be challenging, as it requires the ability to combine technology with the human element, understanding both and managing them efficiently. Working in engineering and production is the ideal way to have employment stability due to the constantly growing market demand for technological products. Find an offer tailored to you and apply today!


Do you plan, control and efficiently execute everything? Are you also organised and effective in your work? Transport from A to B is always a straight line for you, regardless of potential turns? Find a job in logistics – a thriving market sector!

Every industry requires supplies. The supply chain in sales and services is equally important. The fact that parcels reach customers on time and there is no shortage of supplies in the shops is thanks to the companies’ efficient logistics. If you are good at organising routes and transports, can verify transport documents efficiently and take care of every detail of an order being processed, working in logistics is for you and we have a job for you!


Interested in small and large-scale architecture at the construction stage? That is a choice worthy of you and your interests! Regardless of your current experience and range of competencies, you will find a job in the construction industry! The building and construction industry means secure employment all year round. Companies and individuals are investing in construction and expansion, and the number of projects in this area is constantly increasing. The construction industry continuously searches for specialists, skilled workers, and those whose enthusiasm and willingness to work stand out more than their proven skills. If you are looking for a job in the construction industry – you have come to the right place!


Moving and working outside your home country is a challenge that requires sacrifices but also provides you with unparalleled opportunities in life. Explore our offers and see if you are ready for such a challenge! There is no such thing as a bad moment to change something in your life. And a job abroad is a huge change. The foreign market is receptive and open to employees from Poland. Regardless of the industry. If you are looking for a change, are not afraid of novelty or want to test yourself on a foreign job market, you will find job offers abroad here. Various industries, various positions, and various employers – unlimited opportunities!


A choice that matches individual preferences, skills and experience is the foundation and driver of development, which is most important in professional life. We provide job offers from a variety of sectors, in various positions and industries. Our client portfolio includes both small and large companies, expanding the range of opportunities for those seeking employment. If you are looking for a job and want to find one, check our client base and find employment today!

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