Knowing how difficult it is to find the right employee to work abroad, we have created a candidate database of people who are willing to work abroad and who will guarantee success for you and your company.

If you are running a company or a foreign branch and are looking for employees to work abroad, our advertisements database is what you are looking for. We carefully select candidates who decide to work outside Poland. Regardless of which market sector you operate in and which staff positions you are looking for – check out our candidate offers!


The importance of logistics needs no convincing. Both industry as well as sales and services rely on well-organised transport. Work in logistics requires employees to be able to think analytically, be attentive and conscientious. This is why, when creating our database of candidates, we carefully check whether they possess these skills, which are so essential in the industry. Check out our candidates looking for jobs in logistics. Use our offer and choose one of them to reach your business goal together – quickly and efficiently.


Muscle strength is not everything! In physical work, other, only seemingly unnecessary competencies are also important. The ability to work in a team, experience or specialised preparation are the attributes of an ideal employee! Manual workers are the driving force of the market. Every large-scale project requires not only efficient management, but also reliable contractors whose diligence and commitment can be relied on.

If you are running a company for which you are looking for blue-collar workers, explore the database of advertisements of our job candidates and choose those who will be the best fit for your team!


The future of your business is conditioned by developments in technology. Choosing a specialist who will support your innovation is therefore crucial! Engineers are specialists not only familiar with production processes, but also able to manage the people involved. Production employees are required to have great team synergy and an excellent understanding of the specifics of their work. If you run a production company and are looking for engineering and production staff, be sure to take a look at our candidate profiles and choose the perfect support for your business.


A competent employee with experience is someone worth relying on, to whom you can entrust even the most demanding tasks. With us you will find such an employee! The dynamics of the construction industry is based on reliable contractors and diligent employees. Construction workers at every stage of the construction project are its key element. Do you carry out construction projects? Are you putting together a team of experts to expand? Are you creating a brand-new construction project? In our candidate database, you will find those who will best support your business!


Responsible analysis of numbers is the domain of finance, in which only some can find themselves! Being aware of how much depends on them, choose the perfect person for it. The financial sector requires employees not only to be meticulous but also up to date with changing regulations. Accounting employees are largely responsible for the financial success of the company. Our candidate database offers the best specialists in finance and accounting. Find your company’s future employee in it!


Order and organisation in any company depend on a well-functioning administration. An employee who, in addition to the necessary skills, has interpersonal skills is a candidate for you! In our candidate database, you will find ideal people for administrative positions to support your office. If you are looking for employees for administrative work or secretariat staff characterised by diligence and professionalism at work – check out our offer!

Start your search for an administrative employee in our candidate database!


People build your and your company’s success. With the help of our specialists, you will make the most of their potential and skills, not to mention the multidimensional development perspective that comes with it.
By choosing the candidate database we offer, you can be sure that the offer presented to you reflects the top-level specialists in the field:

  • logistics
  • construction sector
  • engineering and production
  • administration
  • finance and accounting
  • human resources management

In addition, you gain a quality guarantee, which is reflected in a selective and customised selection of potential employees, which considers the multitude of different perspectives.

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